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Stem Cell Treatment

Posted on June 6th, 2013

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Stem Cell hair therapy
We have developed a hair restoration process that has been proven safe and effective. This process offered exclusively at our clinic, involves the use of stem cells, innovative machines, nutraceutical supplements to stimulate stem cell growth and doctor recommended hair products. This combination has proven highly effective in restoring hair growth in men and women.

Key Benefits:
Non-invasive. Safe and effective. No embarrassing dressings or bandages.

Fractionalized Radiofrequency with Stem Cell treatment
Fractional RF (F-RF) is a new kind of fractional skin resurfacing for the widest diversity of skin types. RF fractional technology offers – for the first time, a totally safe, energy-based system that combines depth controlled epidermal fractional ablation with simultaneous delivery of heat deep into the dermis. Sophisticated software personalizes the treatment parameters, assuring minimal discomfort, minimal downtime and maximal safety for your skin.

Other fractionalized laser are associated with higher risk of post-treatment complications when treating Asian and darker skin types due to the impact of the high intensity laser on more pigmented skin. But with fractional RF technology, the bulk of the energy is delivered underneath the top layer of the skin, and the risk of activating unwanted pigmentation is dramatically reduced.

Fractional RF improves:
Laxity of the Neck and Jawline, Wrinkles, Enlarged pores, Pigmentation, Acne Scarring,
Scars, Textural Irregularities, Uneven Skin Tone and Stretchmarks.

Anti-aging Stem Cell
Stem cells can become any other type of cell in the human body. One of their main duties, in fact, is to replace those other cells as they degrade. As we get older, our body’s ability to regenerate tissues and organs declines. This gradual loss in the ability to replace damaged cells, leads to a host of conditions and diseases. If you wish to bring back the healthy and refreshing years of your life. Clara’s specialist recommends the age-reverse procedure. Call for a free consultation.

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