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To maintain its competitive edge, Clara International Face and body center Philippines invested in high-quality, and medically-supervised treatments that are applied in Europe and Asia.

Cleanings and Facial
Corrective Facial Treatment
More than just your ordinary facial! Clara International believes that correction of problem areas is the first step to beautiful skin. These corrective facial treatments are specially modified to your skin’s needs to correct specific skin problems such as acne, blackheads, aged and dehydrated skin.
Intensive Soft Mask Treatment
To improve skin condition for special occasions. Intensive Soft Mask Treatment. An invigorating herbal-infused cream mask that intensifies exfoliation of pigmented skin and regulates malanin production for clear, even-tones skin. Best for skin prone to acne, discoloration and large pores.

Intensive Collagen Treatment, First grade pure collagen infused with vitamin C that helps enhance skin tone; soothes, tightens, and regenerates damaged cells for smooth and supple skin. Suited for all ages and skin types.
Premium Facial Treatment
This European technique has the ability to regenerate new cells while improving internal nourishment. 24K Pure Gold encourages absorption of up to 99.9% into the basal layer of the skin thus accelerate the growth of healthy cells. It lightens skin tone and helps smoothen skin fine lines and wrinkles. Leaves a long lasting bright and radiant look!
Black Clarifying Treatment
Bring that sexy back with this ultrasound treatment that deep cleanses, exfoliates, hydrates and heals specific problem areas of the back.
Warts and Skin Tag Removal
Stop being a worrywart! Be ware-free and worry-free with the latest electrocautery machine that safely zaps those warts away. Guaranteed to remove all warts without leaving any marks.
Stop being a worrywart! (and start showing some skin)! Be wart-free and worry-free with the latest and most sophisticated wart removal treatment that safely zaps those warts away. Guaranteed to remove all warts without leaving any marks. (Go on show off your beautiful skin!)
Special Skin Blemishes Treatment
Removal of Militia, Skin Tag and Age spots and moles.

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