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With more than 30 years of proven track record in solving all kinds of skin problems, we pride ourselves as the specialist in providing a wide range of herbal skin care products that are natural, safe & effective for both temperate & tropical climates.

As clients become more informed of the latest technologies in the aesthetic and wellness industry, a good number of them are also turning more cautious and selective in getting their dose of cosmetic treatments. While it’s true that you can get the usual treatment or slimming treatment just about anywhere in the metro, you may also run the risk of experiencing unwelcome side-effects and longer downtime from such procedures, especially when you availed it from untrained individuals.
As part of its vision to uphold world-class standards and to maintain its competitive edge, Clara International Face and body center Philippines invested in high-quality, and medically-supervised treatments that are applied in Europe and Asia. This is to keep its growing number of clients naturally beautiful, healthy, and satisfied. With two associate branches in the Philippines (Quezon City and San Juan) Clara international is gearing up for its new expansion phase, employing board-certified doctors for consultations and appointments, plus new state-of-the-art equipments for optimized operations.
It has updated its roster of services, This includes all natural and non-invasive treatments that Clara international is known for such as the in-demand aesthetic and wellness treatments like glutathione infusion, skin breaching and peeling, stem-cell infusion therapy and Fraxel.

With welcome additions to its distinguished aesthetic treatment, Clara International is now a one-stop shop for addressing the anti-aging and holistic needs of its clients. Aging may be inevitable, but aging gracefully and naturally isn’t so hard to reach at all.

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