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Premium 24k Gold Facial

Posted on September 26th, 2013

24k facial mask

CLARA’S latest treatment is just the thing to give the complexion an overhaul. It comprises with deep facial cleansing,using ultrasound technology to deeply penetrate the 24K GOLD particles into the skin to draw out toxins and makes your skin healthy and glowing and to finish it all we are using a 24K GOLD MASK that contains gold extract to heal, strengthen and firm up the skin.

Our Signature Premium 24K Gold Facial provides a natural detox and healing of the skin. The benefits includes lifting and firming of the skin. Eliminates free radicals that damage the skin, improving skin tone, exfoliating dead skin cells to make the skin smoother and reducing the depth and appearance of wrinkles.

Throughout history, gold has been recognized for its luxurious and beautifying properties.

-Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
-Enhances the skin’s natural moisturizing capabilities
-Removal of toxins and wastes on skin
-Enhanced skin elasticity
-Renowned for accelerating cell renewal
-Reverse oxidation damage
-Penetrates to the skin’s deepest layers
-Locks in moisture,giving you softer and more supple skin
-100% natural, preservative and additive free

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