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Malaysia's #1 face and body centre is now in the Philippines! Where Asian skin care expertise meets European technology. Experience beauty... Naturally.

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While the proliferation of skin care clinics and aesthetic centres in the country presents the advantage of choice to Filipinos, it may also pose a dilemma for those who are not quite sure which one to go to. While it is true that pricing is a major factor to consider, the kinds of services and products offered are even more important considerations for the Filipinos who wish to improve or maintain their youthful appearance.

This is where Clara International Face and Body Centre comes in. Clara International opened its doors to the Filipino public in 2003, but was actually founded in Malaysia in 1977. Several other centres have also been established all over Asia, where Clara International enjoys recognition as a trusted name in skin care. That is not at all surprising, considering that its primary objective is to provide products and services which are compatible with Asian skin.

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Presently, Clara International centres in the Philippines offer a wide array of skin and body care services. Aside from corrective facial treatments and the usual facial that most of us may already be familiar with, it is also known for its natural whitening treatments Clara International places much emphasis on the use of products from all-natural sources, not just for its whitening treatments, but for all other services as well. This is perharps one of the factors that distinguish it from many other skin care clinics in the market, as the movement for a more natural lifestyle continues to be a trend.

Ms. Anne Sia, the owner of Clara International Philippines, takes pride of the fact that Clara international customized each client’s aesthetic or wellness treatment to suit the latter’s needs.

Together with our doctors, clients are evaluated to make sure that they get top-notch beauty and wellness advice based on their current physical state. Clearly, this is one of the things that sets Clara International apart from everyone else.

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